Draft Beer Line Cleaning

Why do draft beer lines need to be cleaned

Draft Beer Lines

Clean Your Lines

Line cleaning should be done on a regularly scheduled basis. (A minimum of every 4 weeks) We currently clean and sanitize beer lines at hundreds of locations throughout the lower mainland. Call us today for a free quote!

Beer Stone

Beer lines have to be cleaned because a scale called calcium oxalate, commonly referred to as “beer stone” forms on the fittings, lines and taps. Beer stone if not completely removed in a cleaning process will leave an unsanitary surface that can harbour micro-organisms.

Shelf Life of Beer

Line cleaning, with the proper equipment and chemical, eliminates the build-up of beer stone protecting the integrity of the product. Bacteria will grow very quickly if a sanitary environment is not maintained, causing “off-flavours” or shortening the shelf life of the beer.

Clean for Quality

Regular cleaning and sanitizing of the beer lines assures that bacteria does not have the opportunity to reach levels which affect the quality and taste of the beer.