All Beer Systems Are not Created Equally

You have compared the quotes for the beer system and they all look the same except one is a few hundred dollars cheaper. It’s all in the details, details which you cannot see. We use only the finest components to insure your system works like new even many years after the warranty has expired.

  • Aluminum Cold Blocks are used to cool each faucet to guarantee the coldest beer possible.
  • Stainless Steel Fittings are used for all connections inside the beer and glycol lines to guarantee long life. Traditional brass and plated fittings can start to deteriorate after just a few months.
  • Glycol Coolant is usually mixed 50/50 with water and has a life span of approximately 2 years. We use a special glycol mix which extends the life of the glycol for several years.
  • Air Distributors have individual shut-off valves which help prevent gas leaks when couplers are not in use.
  • Warranty is one year on parts and labour. Some companies only offer a 6 month warranty. The compressor on our glycol power decks is guaranteed for five years.
  • Professional Installation and quality workmanship insures that your system will operate like new for many years.

We have no problem with competitors who charge less for their systems. They know what their product is worth.